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Here's how to have a current description for every job in your organization. Just select from the more than 700 prewritten job descriptions on this easy to use CD ROM. Saves time and effort, improves morale, and helps you assess and grade employee skills/compensation more precisely.

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We've compiled over 700 carefully selected examples of written job descriptions in this powerful CD-ROM tool to make your job easier.

  • 700 samples, arranged by type of job
    You find the job descriptions you need quickly. Job categories range from administration to sales/marketing.
  • Complete and thorough functionality
    The job description examples include a complete job summary, essential functions (ADA ready), grades and salary table, job qualifications, and much more.
  • How to write job descriptions section
    Step-by-step guidance lets you write descriptions from scratch, includes job specifications and ADA guidelines.
  • Carefully reviewed by BLR's legal editors
    Avoid dangerous language and other legal pitfalls
  • Customizable
    Use "as is" or easily modify to fit your needs
  • Updated and expanded
    Get new descriptions twice a year.
  • Easy to install
    Just insert disk and you are ready to go

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Renewed annually until cancelled.

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