Thompson's FLSA Audit Tool

Thompson's FLSA Audit Tool

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Don't spend any more time wondering whether your company is in compliance with the U.S. Department of Labor's (DOL) regulations! Instead, use Thompson’s FLSA Audit Tool to identify and resolve potential problems.

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Thompson's FLSA Audit Tool

New employee classification tool added!

Don’t spend any more time wondering whether your company is in compliance with the Department of Labor’s (DOL) regulations! Instead, use the FLSA Audit Tool to identify and resolve potential problems that could cost you thousands of dollars in legal fees and penalties.

The FLSA Audit Tool helps your organization or clients comply with wage and hour regulations. Subscribers access an overall compliance and employee classification audit tool that includes actionable information on:

  • Your overall risk factor assessment
  • Areas of concern and tips on what to do next
  • An at-a-glance risk rating from minimal to severe in specific categories
  • Easy to use, step-by-step classification analysis—NEW!
  • Exemption-by-exemption analysis of a particular employee or job—NEW!

Overtime regulations continue to be a hot topic for employers, and audits by lawyers and consultants can be costly (while a government-initiated audit, of course, can be financially devastating). The FLSA Audit Tool will help you comply with current law—and it’s fully updated as relevant regulations are released so that you’re always working with the right information.

A subscription includes:

  • Unlimited audits
  • Unlimited compliance reports
  • Unlimited employee classification reports
  • FLSA-related content and resources

Subscribe to the FLSA Audit Tool today to:

  • Receive risk analysis and guidance to rectify any shortcomings in FLSA compliance.
  • Identify areas that place you at highest risk for regulatory violations and civil liability.
  • Access targeted information that will help you address any compliance issues BEFORE they land on the radar screen of the Department of Labor (DOL) or a plaintiff attorney.
  • Get exemption-by-exemption analysis of a particular employee or job.
  • Get detailed explanations and examples of jobs and tasks that tend to indicate exempt or nonexempt status.
  • Generate multiple analyses for the same job classification, if needed, for multiple employers.

Major Topics Covered

  • Classification for all the major exemptions
  • Compensation practices related to minimum wage, overtime, commission, and bonuses
  • Working time, including pay practices related to work done before and after shifts, breaks, commuting, travel time, and training
  • Calculations updated to reflect changing regulations, including salary level, duties tests, overtime, etc.

About Your Online Subscription

Your subscription to the FLSA Audit Tool, at, includes the ability to conduct unlimited audits and employee classification reports, and receive compliance reports throughout a 1-year period. Please contact Client Services at 844-334-8233 or by e-mailing: for more information or to subscribe.

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