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  1. Employer's Handbook: Complying with IRS Employee Benefits Rules
    Price: $499.00

    Employer's Handbook: Complying with IRS Employee Benefits Rules

    This handbook gives you step-by-step guidance and practical strategies that help you understand and comply with complex, overlapping employee benefit regulations.
  2. Pension Plan Fix-It Handbook
    Price: $649.00

    Pension Plan Fix-It Handbook

    This handbook will help you to comply with federal laws and regulations and help you prepare for increasingly common agency audits.
  3. Fair Labor Standards Handbook
    Price: $499.00

    Fair Labor Standards Handbook for States, Local Governments and Schools

    The Employer's Guide to the Fair Labor Standards Act is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use resource of its kind — and it’s written especially for public-sector employers like you.
  4. Flex Plan Handbook
    Price: $499.00

    Flex Plan Handbook

    This Handbook gives you the tools to comply with laws and regulations affecting flexible spending accounts and related plans while maximizing your plan’s cost savings, tax advantages and value to employee relations.
  5. Employee Handbook Builder

    As low as: $350.00


    Employee Handbook Builder

    With the Employee Handbook Builder, you can build, access, and update your handbook from any computer with a browser and an internet connection.
  6. HR Hotline
    Price: $1,500.00

    HR Hotline

    HR Hotline solves business problems by providing answers to Human Resources and employment law questions in one business day by phone, email and live chat.
  7. TrainingToday HR video Training for Supervisors Library
    Price: $1,194.00

    TrainingToday HR Video Training for Supervisors Library

    The HR Video Training for Supervisors library includes courses to train new employees, existing employees and experienced managers.
  8. Training Today Workplace Safety Library
    Price: $1,194.00

    Training Today Workplace Safety Library

    Everything you need to increase awareness of general safety practices and achieve compliance with the national OSHA and state workplace safety rules and regulations
  9. Training Today Construction Safety Library
    Price: $1,095.00

    TrainingToday Construction Safety Library

    The Construction Safety Training Library covers all your bases to ensure your employees are following safety best practices that comply with national OSHA and state rules and regulations.
  10. Training Today Preventing Sexual Harassment - National
    Price: $834.00

    Training Today Preventing Sexual Harassment - National

    Preventing Sexual Harassment - National will give you everything you need to train your employees, supervisors, and managers on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace.
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